Oh, my! I have let time fly since my last post. I think I win loser blogger of the year award. Lets see if I can condense and highlight.

Girls Birthday Parties: They were lots of fun this year! One girl wanted an outdoor party.
One girl wanted a dog party at her Grandma Kathie's this year.

Goofy kids as the pinata gets lowered.

The kids love to play in our pond.

Hurry and blow out those candles before the icecream cake melts!

Bounce castle!

I'm not fantastic at making pretty cakes like my mom was, but hopefully I get an A for effort.

Yep, she got them all in one puff.

Pets: Remember the post on our hamster? I'm sad to say she died this year, as is the short life of a hamster. But she is featured in the 2010 calendar of Cute Overload. The girls are tickled pink. We got our first family dog. The girls named her Cocoa. She's a long-haired chihuahua. Ever since our youngest daughter was just barely old enough to talk, she toted around a stuffed chihuahua she named "wa-wa." Cocoa is a funny dog who sometimes acts more like a cat, but we definitely love her.

She can totally sleep like this.

The girls love to put her in pink. Yes, we're some of "those" people. Actually chihuahuas get cold easily and we live in Colorado, so you can imagine that a little something on her back now and then helps out.

I think my shoes were bigger than she was when we brought her home.