So today was Cali's (yep, the hamster-the Californian Golden Girl) first birthday. Well, actually it was sometime about 3 weeks ago, but who's counting really? Apparently the girls. They were mortified to learn that we hadn't thrown a party on the special day. So we decided a late party would do. As silly as this little ritual seems, I now think everyone should throw parties for their pets, because its just too darn funny.

She showed us what Cali's cheeks would look like by the end of the party.

Make a wish little hamster...

Her little cake was made of a piece of bread with a layer of cream cheese and topped with a carrot. Tasty.

"I wonder if I can fit da whol' ting in my mouf."

"I'm stuffed."

The girls and I made this house for her. It fits inside her cage. The girls wet cheerios with a little dab of milk and stuck them to the outside - along with carrot and apple pieces.

Cali fell right to sleep afterwards. I think she almost had as much fun as the girls did.